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Universal Sigh: 'Cherish' Album Release Party

(01/17/2020 Atlanta, GA) The Athens-based 'metamorphic rock' group Universal Sigh brought the Southern heat to Aisle 5 on a chilly evening in January for their newly released album 'Cherish'. As attendees were checking in to the highly anticipated event they were signing up to be entered in a raffle to win free concert tickets supporting the local Atlanta music scene with a special thanks from Kylie McGregor, founder of Magnolia Miracle. Others were making their way to the beautifully lit up merchandise booth where you could snag Universal Sigh gear including cds, t-shirts, stickers, beanies and more.

First up for the night was Opposite Box, a psychedelic jazz and progressive rock band based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The band consists of Ryan Long (vocal, keys, trombone), Richard Long (guitars) and Ryan Guza (drums). They kicked off the night with 'Jam Bandwagon', Push On and Swamp Donkey. Opposite Box had such infectious energy with their passion poured onto that stage. They engaged with the audience as they performed their set giving Aisle 5 their dose of soul and funk. It didn't take long before the audience starts jamming out with their friends. Opposite Box also performed 'Creatures' which is on their album OBscene which was released in 2017. Their newest single 'Devils Lettuce' was recently released in 2019.

Opposite Box

Universal Sigh consists of Steve Terry ( vocals, guitar, keys), Pace Maynard (guitar, vocals), Austin Parker (bass, vocals), Jones Maynard (drums, percussion). By the time Universal Sigh got the the stage the venue was packed. The band warmed up with 'Mighty' and 'Bryce's Funk'. Vocalists Tomas Uribe, Jennifer Zuriff, Julie Hutchins were brought to the stage for 'Calypso'. 'The Latter' which featured Uribe, Zuriff and Hutchins also included Ben Otineo playing trumpet on the newly released single off the 'Cherish' album. Universal Sigh debuted 'Smooth' by Carlos Santana, 'Melissa' by The Allman Brothers featuring Tyler Walker, front man of Athens-based band The Orange Constant. The newly released album 'Cherish' was produced by Tomas Uribe at Stanwood Studios in Atlanta. Universal Sigh has no intention on slowing down this year with unreleased tracks that were recorded during the production of 'Cherish'.

Steve Jerry - Universal Sigh

Animal Ace, band members include Chris Bagley (didgeridoo, vocals, drums, percussion), Mario Gant (tenor sax), Martin Anderson (alto sax), Ben Otieno (trumpet), Neemo (drums). The Atlanta-based psychedelic group Animal Ace headlined Aisle 5 with their unique blend of downtempo and funk, which was the perfect way to end the night. The audience was in awe of the unique group along with Chris Bagley multitasking on multiple instruments. Animal Ace is true to their name with animal themed melodies. Animal Ace debuted Benthos, Loner's Voyage, Swarm, Tiger's Breath and Running with Wolves. To view the full gallery of the album release party https://www.smilingeyesmedia.com/showsfestivals

Chris Bagley - Animal Ace

Universal Sigh is keeping the momentum going after the album release party with upcoming tour dates. Tickets can be purchased here https://www.universalsighmusic.com/tour

Special thanks from Universal Sigh: Family + Friends, Aisle 5, Don't Fret Entertainment, Ever Upward Entertainment, Standwood Studio, William McLane, Tomas Uribe, Julie Hutchins, Jennifer Zuriff, Amanda Moek, Ben Otieno, Tyler Walker Brett Peretz, Zane Bader, Kris Valeriano, James Collins, Andrew Riley and Jake Funkmayor.

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