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Kaya's Embrace pushes boundaries with 'Bad Man [Remix]'

(8/2/2020 Atlanta, GA) The Atlanta-based reggae band Kaya's Embrace switched gears on their latest single 'Bad Man [Remix]'. It is set to release on your favorite streaming platform on August 7.  The original single can be found on the 'Necessary Vybz' EP that was released in early 2019 and is available on all streaming platforms.

Kaya's Embrace l Photo taken by Stephanie Heath

It's undeniable that 'Bad Man [Remix]' is going to be your official summer anthem once you hear the booming electronic brass stabs and let's not forget about those trap drum rolls! Frontman Alex Jay Grossman and lead guitarist Cody McNeill compliment each other well by blending vocals and a guitar solo with a spacey vibe to it. If festivals were a thing right now, hands down people would be riding the rails to this bop. If front and center isn't your thing, don't worry-- you can still dance to your own beat!

Don't get me wrong, classic reggae songs are great for summertime. There's nothing like a downtempo reggae tune to put you in the right mind space-- but let's be honest. We all need a hype song for the countless summer plans with friends whether it's a party or whatever floats your boat! These powerful lyrics are about staying true to yourself, not giving into Babylon's materialistic ways trying to impress people we don't really care about. Despite the day-to-day obstacles that seem to weigh us down, we must remember what we're grateful for.

In comparison of the original tune with a rockers-reggae sound featuring melodic guitar riffs and upbeat drum, which is a classic reggae song that should be played on any given day.  Details matter and that's why the jazz-influenced trumpet and the tabla which is incorporated in Raga Rock, an Indian influence infused into this single adds texture. You get the best of both worlds with 'Bad Man' and its remix. Think about it-- you get to decide which version you want to listen to! Music can be interpreted in countless ways, which is what makes remixes fun.

Shuaib Mushfiq playing the bongos l Photo taken by Stephanie Heath

Kaya's Embrace EP 'Necessary Vybz' was released in early 2019 and it is exciting to see how the band has progressed within a year creating something completely out of their element. People tend to get attached to one specific genre from an artist but in all honesty there's no harm in experimenting with different aesthetics--this is how artists evolve.

Kaya's Embrace 'Necessary Vybz' album release l Photo taken by Stephanie Heath

Think about your all-time favorite song--in most cases that artist or group had to experiment to find their niche. Others knew exactly what they were striving for and went full force. The EP's intention is to shift your mentality from the stresses to the blessings which improves our mood. It also reminds us that there's someone that has it worse than I and I so live your life to the fullest! If you haven't checked out the EP I highly recommend you check it out. Don't forget to share it with someone the next time they are in need of positive vibes [which is always]!

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