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Kaya's Embrace brought the "Necessary Vybz" to the Masquerade

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Reggae band Kaya's Embrace hosted over 300 people at their album release party last Saturday night (2/9) with direct support from additional #localbands Sound Culture and Kilroy Kobra.

Kaya's Embrace started with original member and frontman Alex Grossman and guitarist Cody McNeil who have been friends since high school. With time, they decided they wanted to pursue music professionally, gradually adding on additional members to the band.

Opening band was #psychedelicrock band Kilroy Kobra opened up the night with their popular tunes such as "Stargazing", "Nomad Autophobia" and "Move on (Desert Song)." A special bonus was Kilroy Kobra performing their new song "Oragami" which was an exclusive sneak peak to what they will be working on next. Kilroy Kobra definitely brought their dancing shoes with a high energy performance, they got everyone dancing and clapping along in no time.

Direct support was by alt/reggae band Sound Culture, which involve two brothers, Josh and Shawn Lumsden and a couple of childhood friends. Sound Culture leaves everything on the stage from vocals from #leadsinger Erik Graves and shredding #guitarsolos by Josh Lumsden. They also performed their recently released track "27 miles to Bozeman" which is available wherever you stream or purchase music. While I was weaving through the crowd, I saw fans singing word for word, which was very heartwarming.

Saving the best for last, Kaya's Embrace victoriously took charge of the stage starting off with one of their popular tunes "Bad Man". Recently released album "Necessary Vybz" was inspired by someone who hasn't heard of Kaya's Embrace asking why they make music and frontman Alex Grossman explained that their music represents a #positive message. The stranger asked if it was "necessary" to make this kind of music, and Alex responded with "absolutely". That was the start of it all. The spelling of "vybz" came from paying tribute to Jamaican artist VYBZ KARTEL, which is also a major influence to the band. They played fan favorites such as "C'est La Vie" and "Esmerelda" from Kaya's last album, Beats Per Moment which was released in 2016. Kaya's Embrace embodied a more tropical, laid back line of merchandise exclusively debuted for the album release party designed by graphic designer Nick Mosley, aka Lord Kaya of Buckhead Thread. Anime album artwork was inspired by a combination of designer Sam wells and Crystal Grace Media.

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