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Jive Revival Debuts 'from Japanski' EP [Interview]

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

(06/18/2020 Atlanta, GA) Atlanta-based Southern rock band Jive Revival created the ultimate playlist for your upcoming road trip this summer 'from Japanski'. You can access the EP on your preferred streaming service on Friday, June 19th.

Jive Revival Photo taken by Stephanie Heath

Let's introduce the members of Jive Revival:

RT: Ross Talbott-Vocals/Keys, Chad Honea-Guitar, Ryan Cross-Bass, and Shane Jackson-Drums

How long has Jive Revival been working on this record?

RT: All of these songs are tunes we have been playing for a little while, but we went out to Athens, GA last November and recorded these songs live in one afternoon.

Are there any personal favorite songs of yours on the album?

RT: I think each of the songs carries their own weight for the EP. Each track having its own story and role they play. HWY 441 is the very first song that Chad and I wrote for Jive Revival so we're excited to see that one finally gets recorded.

'Hwy 441' filmed by Jason Born & Brittany Zanone

What’s been the band’s inspiration for this album?

RT: I think these songs draw naturally from all of our different influences and inspirations. I'm not sure one artist or band, in particular, influenced it, but many artists and bands, more of a musical gumbo!

Are there any collaborations on this album or upcoming ones we should be on the lookout for?

RT: There aren't any collaborations on this release, however, we were fortunate to work with Matt Tamisin from Japanski Recording Studio who mixed and mastered the EP.

In your opinion what do you think makes this album different from your previous albums?

RT: This album has a variety of songs on it that really showcase the current chemistry of the band. I think this album still carries a punch just like the first, but also has a nice tight dynamic touch to it.

Are there any upcoming live stream performances? If so when?

RT: Yes! We will be performing a live stream performance on Facebook on the release day, Friday 6/19 at 8 pm. We will be premiering an hour-long set that we did with keyboardist James Deveau and Mark Buckley on harmonica joining us. We will be playing tunes off "from Japanksi", our first release, as well as some new songs!

'Perhaps its Music' filmed by Jason Born & Brittany Zanone

Have you watched any recently? Personal favorite performances?

RT: I know I've watched quite a few streams over the last few months. I watched The Orange Constant's album release stream, and Funk You Live from Prana Recording Studio, as well as reliving a few Panic shows! It's been nice to have some sense of live music when live music was a no-go.

Let’s take it back to pre-quarantine days, what was the last show the band performed and where?

RT: The band's last show was down in at Barrelhouse South in Savannah and was our first time in Savannah and at Barrelhouse. It was a great debut show so I guess it was nice to go out on a high note before everything got canceled.

What is your fondest memory on a previous tour you’d like to share with the audience?

RT: Well unfortunately we haven't hit the road for a tour yet, but probably one of my favorite gigs we've played so far was back in February at the Steamhouse Lounge Oysterfest. There was a great lineup and we played to big ass crowd who was grooving right along with us.

Ryan Cross (bassist) Photo taken by Stephanie Heath

Who are your favorite bands to perform with to date?

RT: We have been lucky to play with some great local acts like The Vinyl Suns and Rollingchild, and great touring bands like The Last Waltz Ensemble and Trigger Hippy.

If you could choose to collaborate with your dream artist, who would that be and why?

RT: Oh wow that's a tough question that could go many ways! Lately, I have been on an Aretha Franklin kick that I can't seem to get off of. So if I could have had the chance to have her show me how to really sing that would have been quite the dream come true!

What has been the band's favorite venue to perform at? Why?

RT: Honestly I feel like we all just love playing, so where ever we have a chance to get up there and play is always a favorite venue!

Let's talk about how the quarantine affected the band. Are there currently any setbacks?

RT: We had gigs canceled and our release date on the EP actually got pushed back due to so many artists and bands trying to release music during the downtime! We're just grateful that everyone was able to stay in good health and make sure we were taking care of those around us. It has been really nice to be able to get together and rehearse again!

How many days has the band (generally) been in quarantine? All together? Separate?

RT: We played Barrelhouse on 3/7 and then after that, we were unable to get together as a band for about two months. Everyone was at their own homes sheltering with the folks in their households.

Has there been a silver lining to quarantine? Such as needing downtime, etc.

RT: The time with family has been great I think for all of us. We're definitely ready to get back out there and play some shows when the time comes because not playing has allowed us to finish writing some new tunes that are eager for some live ears!

If you could share with the readers your Pro-Tip on something you've learned from being in quarantine, what would it be? It can be anything.

RT: It isn't so much of a pro-tip, but more of a realization, that I didn't know how much I touch my face until someone told me not to touch my face!

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