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James Bay: 'Just for Tonight'

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Heartthrob and singer-songwriter James Bay makes a pit stop on 'Electric Light' tour at the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta, Wednesday night. Bay is known for his soulful vocals, guitar solos and his authentic lyrics. Fan favorite songs are 'Hold Back the River' and 'Let It Go' from his first album 'The Chaos and The Calm' released in 2015. During the four month long tour, James Bay passes through major cities throughout the US such as Philadelphia, Los Angeles. Eventually makes his way to end the tour in Europe during the summer.

James Bay came out on stage energetic as a man can possibly be seeing and hearing screaming fan girls of all ages. James showed love to us photographers (strike a pose!) He opened up with 'Pink Lemonade', 'If You're Looking For Love' and 'Craving.' The most exciting part about being up-close-and-personal with the UK artist was that you can feel his unconditional gratitude and the love for playing his guitar.

The singer-songwriter switched between electric and acoustic electric guitars for a handful of songs. Bay also shared with us how excited he is to finally headline a show in Atlanta. James also mentioned last time he was in Atlanta, was opening up for Hozier, who has a sold out show at Coca-Cola Roxy on March 23rd. Word for word, fans were showing unconditional love and support to James Bay.

Direct support for the UK alt-pop sensation was Noah Kahan, which is also a singer-songwriter. Noah has a very easy going energy to him, he played sweet melodies with his acoustic guitar. Fans we're also showing appreciation by hollering 'I love you Noah!' If that ain't love..I don't know what is. Kahan had a full band with him (drums, guitarist, bassist). He also made funny jokes to not only ease the nerves but seems like its part of his personality.

Noah took a moment to introduce each band member, shared fun facts about them. Kahan proceeds to make a joke that without his band he'd be a 'Jewish Ed Sheeran' and the crowd cracked up, his joke meant no harm. Noah also played a special song dedicated to his adventurous friend who passed, called 'Carlos Song'. He also performed 'Passenger' and 'False Confidence'.

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