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Human Beatbox Matisyahu performs intimate set at the Masquerade

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Matisyahu performed Tuesday night in 'Heaven', the largest room of the three that the Masquerade has to offer. Before the show started, fans eagerly rushed to the merchandise tables to grab their new favorite band tees and other merch. Humbly, Matisyahu walked out on stage to a room full of cheering fans. Throughout his performance he played fan favorites such as 'One Day' and 'Sunshine', some uplifting reggae tunes. We also got what we wanted..beatboxing! Brooklyn-based artist is known for many things including influential, peaceful, healing mantras that have circulated for many years and are still relevant to date.

Matisyahu is currently on Slightly Stoopid's 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation' Tour, including Tribal Seeds and HIRIE which were direct support. Slightly Stoopid did not perform in Atlanta however. Reggae band HIRIE kicked off the night with Trish's vibrant energy along with killer dance moves. HIRIE performed an array of material off of all three of their albums including two newly released songs 'She Go' and 'I'm Messed Up', which are all available on your favorite streaming platforms.

HIRIE is an eight-piece band which all brings their own style making them stick out, all while being very humble and kind. Brass section includes Andrew McKee, Chris Del Camino; and Blaine Dillinger on guitar, Andy Flores on bass guitar, Matt Benoit on drums, Konga Kurty on..you guessed it Congas! The newest addition to the band, Charles Roy on keys and last but not least, front-woman Trish Jetton. She introduces her song 'You Won't Be Alone' with a heartfelt introduction talking about being diagnosed as bipolar with depression, encouraging anyone and everyone to receive a hug at the merchandise booth after their set for those who feel that they are alone.

She highlighted the fact that social media isn't the greatest example of authenticity because we pick and choose what we want the world to see. Behind closed doors it can be a different story. It takes guts to be vulnerable with your audience, and shedding light on a subject that has been weighing heavy on many minds was very admirable. You go girl!

Tribal Seeds is a San-Diego based reggae band that also played a variety of tunes from older albums and newer ones. To date they have six albums including a couple of EPs, and have recorded with respectable reggae artists in the industry such as Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, Stick Figure, Slightly Stoopid and New Kingston to name a few. They performed popular tunes such as The Garden, Rude Girl, In Your Eyes along with some throwbacks. Fans were not disappointed!

Each individual artist was entertaining to watch with their instrument solos and crowd hype. 'Vampire' and 'Warning' definitely did the trick! I can't remember the last time I've heard them perform those two songs, and so, personally, I was excited! Band mates include Stevi as lead vocals, Gonzo also sings and plays guitar, Zeb is on drums, Shams on bass, Danny playing the trombone, Josh on the saxophone, Warren and Cade on trumpet.

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