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Half Hot: Releases 'Nowhere' Music Video

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

(Atlanta, GA 6/25/2019) Atlanta rock band Half Hot have officially debuted their trailer to their newly released single 'Nowhere'. I had the opportunity to briefly chat with the band and discuss why they decided to choose this song as the first music video off their most recent album 'Whiskey Tango'.

The band stated 'Nowhere' was written about a toxic relationship where they are drifting apart and everything is going south but no one has the guts to call it quits or admit there's a problem.

'Visually, I was inspired by the video for Enter Shikari’s “Sorry You’re Not a Winner.” I’ve long admired the claustrophobic nature of a house party' said Garrett Drake, writer and director of the 'Nowhere' music video. The band decided to cast a female "bad ass" who had the courage to walk away from a painful reality in which neither of them were making each other happy anymore and it was time to move on.

The full length music video is to be premiered on Saturday, August 3rd, at their next show with Warsaw Clinic, The Accidents and Hush Money at entertainment venue 529 in East Atlanta Village. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

'Whiskey Tango' is a combination of hair, flare and 70's inspired rock and roll! The album was released at the end of April along with long-term colleagues Wet Jeans and The Ides of June at Smith's Olde Bar. A couple of fan favorites off their newest album include 'Higher Ground' and 'Goddess'. Front man Andrew 'Goosey' Hughes has the true persona of an iconic rock star; performing splits and back flips are often incorporated into the band's live performances. 'Whiskey Tango' is available on all streaming platforms.

'Half Hot’s energy is second to none.' - Writer & Director Garrett Drake

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