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Donna "Missile" Missal launched Aisle 5 in to another universe

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Donna Missal, alt-pop singer songwriter jets out on stage with silly dance moves, smiling eyes and excitement to see her fans.

She kicked off her performance with 'Jupiter' from her latest album 'This Time' and her fans loved it. This opening performance fueled her fire so much so that it was as if she took us to another universe! The universe that Donna took us to was not only vibrant and carefree, but also empowering, showcasing her "don't give a f*ck" attitude which left the audience craving more.

Donna explained that she didn't have picture days or school dances or any other “normal” stuff that kids typically get to experience growing up. Donna explained that "THIS TIME TOUR is your invitation to the winter and spring formal I never had.", and the crowd goes wild! One of her t-shirts that she was selling had a "school picture" and tour dates on the back..clever!

Also during her performance was an introduction to her song 'Girl' which was inspired by embracing and empowering other women. She explained that there is no need for cattiness, and that we should be loving ourselves as well as others for who we are no matter what you look like- she says it’s "what makes you amazing." Missal also had merchandise including a white screen tee with the word "Girl" on the front, the back says "When women hate on other women we all lose".

There were over 150 people in the audience for this show, and I don't know of many up-and-coming artists who can do that. Donna Missal has been featured on the rapper Macklemore's 'Gemini' album for the song 'Over It'., as well as 'Power' featured on ‘Score’, (a Netflix Original show). Hats off to you, Donna! Other artists in the same genre as Missal are Billie Ellish, Bishop Briggs and Skylar Grey.

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