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Dillinger's Hired Guns releases new single "Jellyfish of Love"

(07/20/2020 Atlanta, GA)

Blaine Dillinger, guitarist of the infamous reggae band HIRIE released his second instrumental single of the year called 'Jellyfish of Love' under the moniker Dillinger’s Hired Guns. Although this tune would be classified as 'reggae' my initial thoughts on this tune when I hit play was that its a spacey, down-tempo jam journey taking you to the depths of Dillinger's imagination. For this single Dillinger's Hired Guns teamed up with Matt Benoit (HIRIE) on drums, Mike DeGuzman (Passafire) on keys, and Sunshine Cantu on bass. Let's not forget about those sick rock n' roll-inspired riffs that he strategically incorporated into this single! It's a fun track to play while you're driving around or hanging out with friends--its a feel-good song.

Blaine Dillinger photo taken by Stephanie Heath

Going down memory lane to this past April, Dillinger's Hired Guns released a single called 'Witchduck' which is more of a progressive-rock with jazz elements. It's the polar opposite of his newly released single 'Jellyfish of Love'. It's clear as day that Dillinger doesn't put himself in a box when it comes to creating music.

Dillinger's Hired Guns has been releasing instrumental songs (for the time being) which is refreshing because it allows you to listen to the different instruments and genres that he blends into his craft. This past spring Blaine released an album called 'Back to Earth' with fellow musician Shrub. 'Back to Earth' is a reggae album with a fusion of electronics that includes collaborations with artists such as Matt Benoit, Andy Flores, Andy McKee, and Chris Del Camino (Dillinger's bandmates of reggae-dub band HIRIE).

Blaine Dillinger photo taken by Stephanie Heath

I had the opportunity to interview Blaine via Skype earlier this spring about what he's been up to during the lockdown including creating new music and "social distancing". I got to pick his brain about acquiring new skills within his craft and his inspirations. To find out more about Dillinger's Hired Guns you can read the full interview here.

Blaine Dillinger photo taken by Stephanie Heath

Don't forget to download the 'Jellyfish of Love' on your favorite streaming platform!

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