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Citizen Gold Electrifies Eddies Attic

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Last Saturday night, Atlanta native funk band Citizen Gold brought on hell of a performance getting everyone to #cutloose in the notorious intimate and acoustic live music venue Eddie's Attic because everyone wanted to #justdance. Direct support for Citizen Gold was #alternative #indie band #TheNightShift who I personally have never heard of before but blew me away with their guitar solos, meaningful lyrics and positive energy reciprocating between the band and the crowd. I had the opportunity to catch frontman Daniel Goldberg of Citizen Gold in the midst of the festivities and get a few questions in the Green Room.

Q: Can you give me a little backstory on The Night Shift and Citizen Gold on this lineup? What was it like working with them?

CG: I found them on social media, just be searching hashtags. I went through probably 100 different bands, and they were the one that stood out to me. They have this really great sort of Bowie meets Indie Rock and I love it. I reached out and we started negotiating and went from there, they are incredible guys to share a bill with. Q: Tell me about your bond with the band. What is it like to have a seven-piece band?

CG: I am so grateful to be able to do what I love. These guys I get to play with every night, are just so special and I just, I don't even know how to sum up the energy. The ecstasy I felt at Eddie's. It really ended up being a special night, and I was really proud that I was able to share it with my bandmates who have been there through the highs and lows that also comes with being a band. Q: Any funny/embarrassing moments before or after the show worth sharing for a good laugh? CG: Our first show at Smith's I forgot my belt. So I had to frantically run around asking if people would give me their belt. I couldn't find any takers. So I tied a piece of rope around my pants. I have no butt so people may have seen way more of me than they wanted to if I didn't figure something out. Q: What’s on your radar for 2019 in regards to where you want to perform/any new music we should be expecting from you? CG: Well we are in talks with a few different people around Atlanta about doing some very exclusive private events. What we are really looking forward to is playing the Atlanta Grilled Cheese Fest at Atlantic Station in April. Between now and then we are also putting in some work on our next album Electric Soul II: Space. Which we plan on releasing the first single from the album sometime in the next few months.

Q: How did you know Gold Air Force One’s with remote control light changing feature existed? CG: HAHAH well. I wanted gold accents for us to wear on stage. I didn't want to get something crazy like gold shirts, or pants 'cause I felt it was way too much. I still wanted to get people's attention, so I thought, gold shoes would be a great way to go. After hours of scrolling I found some with LEDS on the bottom and I thought to myself, "um yes please." for the first round of "Road to Roo" last year. I wore them and they were a big hit. Jonny Trumpet and I pitched in together and bought the rest of the guys a pair. We don't always whip em out, only on special occasions.

Q: Last but not least, do pineapples belong on pizza?

CG: I may lose several fans over this... But yeah pineapple is really good on pizza. To view the full gallery make sure to admit one

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