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Captain Crimmins & The Story Boat Band: SOLD OUT Album Release show at Venkman's

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Captain Crimmins & The Story Boat Band is a group of local jazz artists that takes the whole family on a journey down Tall Tale river making it to the final destination-their album release party! Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me! The show is a collection of all the songs that will be featured on the album that will be available on March 15th.

I had a brief moment to sit and chat with the Captain himself on where the inspiration of the album came from. "I started writing kids songs about a year ago at the suggestion of my wife Davi. It just snowballed into a whole album of songs and a new stage persona. I'm working on a theatre production too with puppets of the characters you see on the album on a big river boat set, like a Captain Crimmins the musical."

Crimmins interacted with the kids by coming into the crowd singing and playing his banjo. Special performances were made by Captain Crimmins' friends Bean & Bear, Monkey and Scraps--the recycled dog.

In between songs there would be short skits that not only were amusing, but they also taught us about friendship. The Story Boat Band and friends cohesively perform together. Bean and Bear used a boat and waves as their props; weaving through the crowd and tables as if they had a leak in their boat crying out for Captain Crimmins help. Bean and Bear not only pulled off holding an enormous prop but also try the alternatives on how to stop the leak in the boat such as sticking your finger in the hole to try and block it or use a bucket to dump out water. They'd shout answers, and Captain Crimmins hollered back his advice on how to stop the leak and with teamwork, they fixed the leak.

Additional highlights that include Captain Crimmins and friends was Monkey dancing silly in the crowd while the band performed the song 'Monkey On Your Back.' This was a lively song for parents and their children to show off their dancing skills. The actors also came out with different props such as giant clouds and Scraps, which were all makeshift props made by them. Bean and Bear are a dynamic duo who encourage happiness and creativity on and off the stage. They had the crowd chuckling and the kids had a great time meeting Scraps.

Captain Crimmins asked the audience to draw what they think he is dreaming about and that he would love to see what they come up with. A fan gave him a drawing inspired by the song 'Venus Flytrap' asked Captain to name it on Twitter so he named it 'Chomp', the Captain was very flattered.

The band consists of seven members, which half of the band switched instruments throughout their set. Talk about impressive. The Story Boat Band is an ideal choice when it comes to choosing to see live music because its tasteful music that the whole family can savor. Near the end of the show the whole band comes off the stage and marches into the crowd in a loop around the venue and back on to the stage to finish off the show with an encore that the shrieking kids demanded with excitement.

At the end of the show the band and actors were selling kids merchandise such as coloring books, cds and stickers. Children and parents patiently waited in line to get the chance to have their meet and greet with everyone, including getting their coloring book signed. All the interactions were positive with parents thanking the band for their performance, talking about how much their kids loved the show and how they're excited that they got merchandise as a memoir of their exhilarating experience down the Tall Tale river.


Band: Captain Crimmins & The Story Boat Band

Captain Crimmins: Blair Crimmins

Trumpet: Justin Powell

Trombone: Daniel Wytanis

Saxophone, Clarinet: Taylor Kennedy

Drums: Colin Agnew

Cello, Bass: Drew Lloyd

Keys: Dustin Cottrell


Monkey, Cloud: Davi Crimmins

Bean: Qate Bean

Bear: Mike Butler

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