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Backstage Access Ep. 02 with Travis Heringer

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

(12/13/2020) I had the pleasure of speaking with singer-songwriter Travis Heringer about current music endeavors from his solo project 'Extraterrephobik' which writes and plays songs about aliens to working on a pop album and his love for being in the studio.

Heringer talks about Fooshee's Forecast, an Atlanta Jam band with his friends that became bandmates and that he has much respect for. Travis dives deep on the science of a Jam band performance (Is that even possible? Why yes! Yes it is and quite interesting if you ask me)

I don't want to spoil everything about this interview... but make sure to tune in to the interview and check out his spanking new clothing line 'Wholesome Fruit Clothing' which is a unisex line which also includes accessories. Heringer puts his graphic design skills to use by creating all his designs.

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