• Stephanie Heath

Backstage Access Ep. 01 with Bri Foxx

(10/13/2020 Atlanta, GA) Backstage Access is a brand new series created by Smiling Eyes Media that gives fans an opportunity to get familiar with up-and-coming musicians in the music industry.

Not only is Bri Foxx the frontwoman of the psychedelic-rock band Toxic Foxtrot, she is also a singer-songwriter. If you're not impressed, there's more.. Fox is an expert in various instruments other than the guitar!! Wait until you hear her list them in the interview.

In this interview Foxx gets candid about her adolescent years, accomplishments as a musician and talks about their new EP "Everybody Knows" which the release date is to be determined. Foxx gave us an exclusive acoustic performance of their single "Mad Hatter".

Due to the unprecedented times, TF is unclear when they will be performing their next live or virtual event but will keep us posted on their social channels. Toxic Foxtrot's single "Blind Eyes" has been played on the radio station 107.1 FM in Winder, Georgia. If you want to hear more of Toxic Foxtrot make sure to call in and recommend their single! Stay connected with Toxic Foxtrot socials & donate if you can manage to help support artists Facebook



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