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An Intimate Performance from Pete Yorn with special guest Wilderado

(12/2/2019 Atlanta, GA) Now that the leaves are changing colors and the temperatures reduce, nothing is more alluring than indoor events in the city. Pete Yorn's name was in shining lights on the marquis in front of Variety Playhouse. Fans trickled in enthusiastically searching for their seats while others were in line purchasing warm snacks and beers.

Pete Yorn at Variety Playhouse

Wilderado performed the first song of the night 'Already Loved' which contains sizable riffs at the beginning of the tune along with the chorus. Max Rainer, (lead vocals and guitar) starts with the first verse 'Oh my, I remember what I did that day Save a moment up sometime, you can pull it out Unholy daylight.' Fans were immediately engaged with the band.

(From stage right to stage left) Tyler Wimpee, Max Rainer, Colton Dearing

A couple of songs in had fans making their way to the stage. Additional songs that were performed include Morning Light, and Rubble to Rubble (which seemed to be the fan favorite of the evening). Prior to performing their next single for the night, Max asked the audience how they were doing this evening, and the crowd cheered. He gave us a brief bio of the band. Band members include Tyler Wimpee (guitar and vocals), Colton Dearing (base and vocals) and Justin Kila (drums). Wilderado is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma but formed in the canyons of California in 2015.

Wilderado performed their newly released single 'Surefire' which has a vintage sound to it, the melody is easy going and presents a reassuring message in the verses to be present in the moment.

Bassist Colton Dearing

Pete Yorn walks onto the stage and fans are standing up out of their seats cheering, while he warms up the place with 'Idols (We Don't Have to Say Goodbye)' , an indie-rock single that had people tapping their feet and bobbing their heads. A couple of other songs that he performed included 'Cant Stop You', and 'I Wanna Be the One' which can be found on his newly released album 'Caretakers'. Yorn also played singles including 'On Your Side', 'Strange Condition' and 'Ect' which are familiar tunes to the fans. Yorn has been a singer-songwriter since the late 90's and early 2000's.

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