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An Evening in the Garden with John Butler Trio & Trevor Hall

(Atlanta, GA 7/29/19) John Butler Trio and Trevor Hall performed a stunning show at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on Friday night. Atlanta Botanical Garden hosts a summer concert series where we can enjoy music with family and friends while admiring a beautiful themed garden around us, the current theme being 'Alice In Wonderland'. Both artists performed on a beautiful stage with a pond with lily pads in it.

Indie artist Trevor Hall was the first of the two bands to perform. Trevor took us through a spiritual journey with his humble lyrics--pairing mellow music with wine as the sun starts to set. Attendees were dancing to their own beat with smiles on their faces. Hall sang 'Brand New Day', Green Mountain State and also played a rendition of The Cranberries song 'Zombie'. Each member of the band had a beautiful solo in select songs, and the audience adored it.

At the end of Trevor's set, he brought up his dad to come jam while he played drums. Trevor's father was and is a major inspiration in Hall's love for music.

John Butler Trio and his band humbly walked on stage and Butler says

"We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors and I'm glad, I'm glad we have the view so we can see each other. The lands we're upon tonight, let us pay our respects to our ancestors past and present to each and every one of you and all the old people, all the old people down your line that brought you here to this space in time. Thank you for coming! Thank you for being here!"

John Butler Trio kicked off their set with 'Wade in the Water', and played additional songs such as 'Tahitian Blue', 'Blame It On Me' and 'Ocean' which are all featured on his most recent album 'Home'. Atlanta was the third stop on the band's North American tour. They have been touring throughout the year with breaks in between. However, the last couple of months John Butler Trio had toured through Germany, France and Netherlands.

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